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If you eat at Jersey Mike’s frequently, don’t miss out on the free fast food you can score using the app! It’s a favorite of many Hip2Save team members.

Second off nowhere in the title does it say “your plan is changing” it was at the very bottom of a paragraph that says we will automatically enroll everyone into this new service at the end of the year. That’s such a shady business practice, it may have only been a $10 increase but you really made what felt like a sincere business model feel like a cash grab, that doesn’t care about their users. I put my account on hold and will probably end up canceling if they can’t find a way to persuade me to keep it which at this point seems unlikely since I already reached out. Not to mention it even shows on my account I referred friends and received nothing for it and now I’m being charged MORE for a rollover plan I will not use.

FoodChow is the perfect app for food enthusiasts seeking exclusive deals and discounts at a variety of restaurants.

These days Vix Leyton says she takes a more "mature" approach, choosing a sandwich she really wants, even if it's on the low-cost end of the range.

Technically, Hungryroot isn’t a meal kit service. Instead, the NBC Select editor-favorite service is a grocery delivery method that offers a lot of website the same benefits and customizations as other meal kits on this list — you take an initial quiz on your preferences and dietary needs, and Hungryroot creates a personalized grocery plan.

“Since I follow a gluten-free and pescatarian diet, I can usually only eat one or two offerings off a meal delivery service’s weekly menu. But that wasn’t the case with Sunbasket: There were almost too many delicious dishes to choose from, and each one I tried came with an easy to follow recipe,” says NBC Select associate updates editor Zoe Malin, who tried Sunbasket for a week.

A ideia cá é de que você possa evitar filas em locais qual costumam estar cheios realizando a sua própria reserva antecipadamente.

You’ll also need to ensure you’re cooking the meals as soon as possible since the ingredients can be easily perishable, she adds.

Smoked haddock, king prawns, cod and Scottish salmon in a cheesy sauce topped with mashed potato and a parsley crumb.

To determine the best one for you, we spoke to chefs, nutritionists and recipe developers about what to look for in a meal delivery service. We also highlighted NBC Select editor favorites that we’ve tested and reviewed, plus expert-recommended options to try out.

It’ll be hard to whittle it down to two sides, with chicken munchies, crispy mushrooms and piri-piri chips among the many options available.

Brown loves browsing and picking her meals each week: "It feels like grocery shopping, except I don’t have to push a cart or carry bags,” she says.

“They just put a Jimmy Johns right by my subdivision and I downloaded their app. After your first purchase, you get a free sandwich. That is actually worth a nice chunk of change because their sandwiches are like $8-$12 each.”

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